For omnivorous brown bears, ants can seasonally constitute an important category of food with high nutritional value. A former dietary study conducted in Estonia revealed that the energy gained from animal and plant food was roughly equal, whereas the contribution of ants was almost 15%.

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brown bear estonia Discover Brown Bear Watching Hide in Palasi, Estonia: Two well-hidden huts let animal lovers spend the night among the bears, wolves, and other predators of the forest.

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Brown Bear Hunting. The largest population of bears is in the Viru district where we have hunting areas although there is a very high density in the rest of Estonia as well. 5 Days of hunting are required for a successful bear hunt. Bear hunting reservations well in advance are necessary.

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brown bear estonia The Eurasian brown bear (Ursus arctos arctos) is one of the most common subspecies of the brown bear, and is found in much of Eurasia.It is also known as the European brown bear, common brown bear, common bear, and colloquially by many other names."The genetic diversity of present-day brown bears (Ursus arctos) has been extensively studied over the years and appears to be geographically

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The brown bear (Ursus arctos) population in Estonia is a part of the large fragmented Eurasian population, constituting a piece of its north- westernmost branch.

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A good choice for bear watching in Europe. Estonia has about 700 brown bears. That’s quite a lot when you consider the size of the country. In comparison, Finland is almost 8 times bigger than Estonia and is thought to have around 1,000 bears. Therefore, it is an interesting option for bear watching!

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The wide, often untouched wilderness of the Baltic hinterland is home to many animals. More than 350 brown bears live in the primeval forests of Alutaguse. I

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Brown bear (Ursus Arctos) However, in the rest of Estonia there is a very dense bear population as well. To have certain guarantees when hunting a bear, some 5 days of hunting are required. Every year more than 60 bears are hunted in Estonia. Watch the pics of bear hunting.

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Bear watching. Estonia has 3-5 times more bears per km2 than our neighbouring countries. Tour focus is on brown Bears, other mammals, birds and natural history

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brown bear estonia The Alutaguse Brown Bear Hide offers excellent opportunities for taking photos of bears. The hide has photo shades on two sides and it is located on the shores of a stream. In the north, there is a fir-birch forest and in the south, a stream and a meadow.