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We strongly believe that only digital health can bring healthcare into the 21st century and make patients the point-of-care. With free genetic testing, pharmacogenomics, the first fully digitized republic sets the direction for the future. Lets peek into healthcare in Estonia. Lets peek into healthcare in Estonia.

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Estonia’s health care system is built on the principle of compulsory solidarity-based insurance and the general availability of services provided by the private providers. The management and supervision of health care system and development of health policy is under the scope of the Ministry of Social Affairs and its agencies.

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Contact. Health Board Terviseamet Paldiski mnt 81, 10617 Tallinn Estonia Phone: +372 794 3500 E-mail: Registration code: 70008799 VAT nr EE101339803

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The purpose of health insurance in Estonia is to cover the costs of health services provided to insured persons, prevent and cure diseases, finance the purchase of medicinal products and medicinal technical aids, and provide the benefits for temporary incapacity for work and other benefits. All persons insured with the Health Insurance Fund have a family practitioner.

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Estonias health care system is governed by Health Services Organisation Act, which provides the organisation of and the requirements for the provision of health services, and the procedure for the management, financing and supervision of health care. Health services are the activities of health care professionals for the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of diseases, injuries or intoxication

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Health care in Estonia. Find information on the public health system in Estonia, medical care and health insurance. Expat guide. Europe. Estonia. Health care. The healthcare system in Estonia. In contrast to other countries such as Finland, where the healthcare system is municipal, Estonians have opted for a solidarity-based social insurance

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health care system in Estonia corresponds to the defining features of the Bismarck model of the OECD classification. The health care system arrangements in Estonia are typical for this model. It can be concluded that the Bismarck model, which is chosen as a prototype for the health care system in Estonia suits well in the case of the

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This analysis of the Estonian health system reviews recent developments in organization and governance, health financing, health-care provision, health reforms and health system performance. Without doubt, the main issue has been the 2008 financial crisis. Although Estonia

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Estonian health insurance is valid for people who work and whose social tax is paid for or who pay the social tax themselves. The validity of the employee’s health insurance is the responsibility of the employer. People who are legally entitled to health insurance in Estonia: – employees working under an employment contract;

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Overview of Estonian Health Care System. Estonia is the northernmost of the Baltic states, which lie on the east coast of the Baltic Sea, with Latvia to the south and Russia to the east. Estonia is a democratic parliamentary republic and has belonged to the North Atlantic Treaty Organizaton (NATO) and the European Union (EU) since 2004.

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Health Care in Estonia A person from an EU member country who has come to study or work in Estonia is usually insured in their country of origin. When they visit a doctor in Estonia, they should present the EU certificate issued by their country of origin.