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Estonia is an independent state created after the breakup of the Soviet Union. The nucleus of the Estonian Jewish community was founded by Jewish soldiers after their demobilization from the army of Czar Nicholas I in the mid-19th century. Today, approximately 1,700 Jews live in Estonia.

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The Jewish population numbered 5,436 in 1959 (0.5% of the total) of whom 1,350 (25%) declared Yiddish as their mother tongue, about 400 Estonian, and the remainder Russian; 3,714 Jews (1.3% of the total population) lived in Tallin.

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Only after Estonia regained its independence in 1990, were the local Jews able to organize openly and observe a Jewish way of life, although they have not, as yet, been able to establish a new synagogue. Address The Jewish Community of Estonia – Tartu Branch Tartu Juudi Kogukond Anne 92-25 50705 Tartu Estonia Phone: 372-(0)7-483539 Fax: 372

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The history of the Jews in Estonia starts with individual reports of Jews in what is now Estonia from as early as the 14th century. However, the process of permanent Jewish settlement in Estonia began in the 19th century, especially after they were granted the official right to enter the region by a statute of Russian Tsar Alexander II in 1865. This allowed the so-called Jewish "Nicholas

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“The initial information about the eight Jewish refugees extradited to the Gestapo was documented by the Finnish author Elina Suominen (Sana) in her 1979 book Death Ship S/S Hohenhörn. 1 This German ship took the refugees to be handed over to the German-occupied Tallinn in Estonia. For her research she examined German archives as well as

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There is a chronological history of the Jews in Estonia and how they were persecuted and murdered by the Nazis. Yet the current population of about 2000 is vibrant. They even have a school so the future bodes well. Audio assistance is available although the lady in charge speaks English and Russian as well as her own Estonian language. Security

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The Estonian Jewish population was a mixture of Russified former soldiers, Jews from Courland influenced by German culture, and Lithuanian Jews deeply rooted in traditional ways. Following the establishment of the independent state of Estonia just before the end of World War I, the Jewish population there increased to 4,556 (0.4% of the entire

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Jewish Population in 1900: 1,449 (in 1897), ~1,000 (1925) Notes: Russian: Дерпт / Юрьев. Yiddish: דערפּט Second largest city in Estonia. 102 miles SE of Tallinn.